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Naturally Fit Agency San Jose Expo Casting Call 
Do you have what it takes to be Naturally Fit Agency’s next top model? We spoke with Emily Talley who will be part of NFA’s Casting call about the fitness model industry.  The Agency  Staff will be at the 4th annual “The Fit Expo” at the San Jose Convention Center on June 13th and 14th. Naturally Fit Agency is seeking to sign new models.I&SM: What is the market for fitness models?

ET: When people start thinking about fitness models, a couple of things come to mind: One might be magazine covers and ads; the other one might be Nike or Under Armour commercials. We walk the line between the two and also go beyond those areas. The cross spectrum for a fitness model would be the Under Armour commercials, Nike Commercials for Sports and Outdoors, Dicks Sporting Goods – things like that but also Samsung and Verizon commercials…very main stream stuff that you wouldn’t necessarily think would require a fitness model. Fitness models tend to be good looking and they take care of themselves. So you can cast them in a wide variety of things outside the fitness world.

I&SM: When an advertiser approaches you, what image are they trying to convey? Are they trying to associate fitness with their products?

ET: It varies. Sometimes we are contacted because we represent the types of models which are needed for a particular role…like for a watch that records your heart rate. Or perhaps the product must be positioned alongside a particular sport, and they need someone who can swim, do cross-fit or run. They need to be able to do the activity and look good at the same time. We get those types of jobs – when companies are looking for not just a pretty model but also an athlete model that can do the sport.

I&SM: Does the model arrive fully developed or is part of your service coaching the applicant in their development to become a fitness model.

ET: Our models come to us already taking very good care of their bodies. When they come to us they may be current athletes or they may just live the fitness lifestyle 24/365.
I&SM: Can you provide some examples of how your agency has recruited trained and presented models?

 ET: The majority of our models come to us via our online application process. We also recruit via scouting at sporting events. Our third method involves model searches like the one we are conducting this weekend. The more events we can get involved in, the better chances of finding somebody.

As far as marketing our models, we have multiple platforms where we can offer their services. We put them up online for review by potential clients and have offline methods which keep their faces out there. It’s a constant search for new work – and hopefully a big break – for our models each day.

I&SM: Your agency will be at the San Jose Fit expose this coming weekend and you will be casting fitness models. Tells what your talent scouts are looking for?

ET: The Modeling industry is pretty diverse and we are looking for a lot of diversity. People who make fitness their lifestyle is definitely going to be a huge factor. Like I mentioned earlier, when a client contacts for a fitness model they may also be looking for someone with particular skills. Just today I just got a casting and they were looking for someone with expert basketball-playing skills…because they want them for a commercial with an NBA hopeful. So they need to not just look fit but possess the physical skills required. Sometimes they just have the wow factor.

I&SM: “Have you ever experienced “model at first sight“ in any of your casting calls.

ET:  Yes actually. There was a couple at Fit Expo in Chicago. They walked in and it was like – say no more you are amazing. There are definitely times when that happens. It has a lot to do with presence, not just appearance. You can walk in and command a room without arrogance…command a room with confidence and poise…and look good. When you have that charisma you really are the total package. Even if they aren’t as good looking but possess a great personality, they still have a shot.

I&SM: What should models coming to your casting call this weekend bring with them?

ET: Come with a good attitude and smile on your face. We definitely appreciate that. Bring a comp card and a resume –  that would be most beneficial so when we have our panel meeting it gives us more to work with when making a decision. Come expecting to answer a few questions. We don’t make it super grueling, but we will ask about your fitness background, modeling experience and don’t be afraid to say no .Wear fitted jeans, tank tops or tight shirt. No logos or loud prints. Workout clothes are also acceptable. No heavy make-up or stage tans. Registration: Is on a first come, first serve, basis on-site sign up. NF Agency staff will begin taking sign-ups at 10am each day. Models signed up by 5pm on Saturday and 4pm on Sunday are guaranteed to be seen. If you don’t want to wait in a line all day? Don’t worry! We’ll text you to let you know when we are ready to see you via our app. 

I&SM: Is modeling experience a prerequisite?

ET: Absolutely not. We help and refer our models for training if necessary.

I&SM: The majority of the American population is not fit. Why the focus on fitness?
ET: It came about as a very natural progression of who we are. Each of us at Naturally Fit live the fitness lifestyle. We thought it would be a great idea to give people who dedicate their life to fitness an opportunity to earn extra income. A lot of our models are personal trainers and athletes who are not necessarily employed full time, so modeling can fit into their down time.

Where will The NFA booth be located? Location at the event:
We will be by Grid League. Applicants are taken on a first come, first served basis. We will have an app so you won’t have to wait. We will buzz you when your turn is up.

Naturally Fit Agency is the leading and most comprehensive fitness modeling agency in the US representing fit women, men and children of all ages.   Their  clients include giants such as:  Nike, Under Armour, Foot Locker, Academy, Athleta, Columbia, O Magazine, Best Buy, Details Magazine, Gap, Runners World Magazine, and many more. Stop by The San Jose Expo and say hello to the staff. You can also follow them on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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