Editors Note June 2013

In this issue we want to honor dads everywhere.  Each of our featured fathers have taken a different path in life but they share one common role – that of parent and father.

They are all successful professionally,community-aware, personable and family-focused.I have had the pleasure of meeting and interviewing each of these gentlemen. What impressed me most about them as a group was how genuinely humble they are despite their successes.

As a magazine publisher, I strive to ask my interviewees questions which get below the surface, to the core of the individual, to the human side I feel most never see. It is left to the reader to reflect on what each man has revealed in his answers.

In our community spotlight this month, The Annual Silicon Valley Latino Leadership Summit, by Author Frank Carbajal. Present Keynote Speaker The honoroable Henry Cisneros. From the corporate world, the Royse Law Firm, LLC adds a key player to its new group dealing with the entertainment industry. Ms. Vivi C. Hoang takes the stage. Gala! A new section – Life as Art – where I take some of my work and repurpose it into themed collages.

You can try this at home! Far Afield- Amorgos, Greece. Sun-washed beaches and white plaster houses. Could it be anywhere else? A remembrance of dad – by Glenna Gaffney. It is the small moments you remember, but Glenna tells us there was one constant in her father’s life.