Kru Contemporary Japanese Cuisine

Chef Billy Ngo (Founder, Partner, and Head Chef)  – uses only the freshest ingredients and techniques from different regions. The Nigiri specials change daily and the Kitchen and Grill specials change with the season.  His plates are intricately-plated and seasoned to perfection.  Everything about Kru is extraordinary.  

Born in Hong Kong and raised in California, Ngo came from humble beginnings.  While in high school he worked his way up from a busboy to a dish washer, then to a sous chef preparing sushi.  Inspired by Chef and Restauranteur David Chang and his unique concepts, Ngo started to enjoy what he was doing and found that it was no longer “just a job.”  It became his passion.

Determined to become an outstanding sushi chef, Ngo worked at many restaurants to gain knowledge and experience.  The four most influential restaurants he worked at include: Fuji Sukiyaki (closed), Mikuni, Taka’s Sushi, and The Kitchen restaurant. 

1. Fuji Sukiyaki was his first restaurant job.  Ngo worked his way up to the sushi bar alongside Doug Sakamoto and Yoshi Shigetoshi.

2. Mikuni, one of the largest and most well known sushi restaurant chains in Sacramento, is where Ngo grew excited about food and being a sushi chef. Not only was Chef and Owner Taro Arai fun to work for, Arai encouraged creativity and allowed sushi chefs to create specials with rolls and sauces.

3. After Mikuni, Taka’s Sushi was where Ngo worked closely with Taka Watanabe who gave him the freedom to experiment and to grow as a chef.

4. Finally, The Kitchen Restaurant was where Ngo did his externship after culinary school.  He stayed for 6 months before venturing out on his own to open Kru. The Kitchen gave Ngo an amazing experience to grow and learn about fine dining without pretentiousness.  He thoroughly enjoyed working with Chef and Owners Randall Selland and Noah Zonca.

Although his passion is in Japanese Cuisine, Chef Billy Ngo’s favorite food is foie gras and his last meal would be a a nice crusty baguette with foie torchon or foie terrine.

Chef Billy Ngo’s competitive nature and style can be seen on Food Television shows such as Cutthroat Kitchen, Man Fire Food, Glutton for Punishment, Sara’s Weeknight Meals, and This is SF.

Kru was Featured on the Food Network, Pebble Beach Food & Wine, Los Angeles Food & Wine, Sacramento Bee, Sactown Magazine, and Sac News and Review.

Chef Billy Ngo’s success allows for expansion beyond Sacramento. You can find Fish Face Poke in downtown Sacramento, Carmichael, and Emeryville.  Look forward to Kodaiko Ramen and Bar coming Fall/Winter 2018.

Credit Caitlyn- San Francisco, CA