7 Signs Of A Terrible Leader

Every entrepreneur or CEO has an expectation to learn when going up for a leadership position. Being the big honcho isn’t simple, Leadership-skills aren’t generally innate—it can take time to develop into the position. Tragically, there are times when a manager or boss is basically a bad leader. Perhaps they had terrible mentors, or they’ve […]

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Inflammation link CCL2 and Breast Cancer

The cause of a leading risk factor for breast cancer has been identified by researchers, raising hopes that preventative treatments will reduce the incidence of the disease. Scientists from the Hospital Research Foundation in Adelaide, South Australia, have shown a link between a protein that causes inflammation and an increase in breast density, a significant […]

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The historic La Perla boutique on Milan’s most fashionable street has moved to a new location at 14 Montenapoleone and has doubled its size, expanding to over 2,583 square feet across two floors. A geometric arrangement steals the scene at the entrance, decorated with golden metal trims and the La Perla logo against a light […]

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Forget Chocolate! Red Juices A Healthier Valentine Alternative

Forget Chocolate! Red Juices Are A Healthier Valentine Alternative From Valentine’s Day to Heart Health Month, February is splashed with red. Although chocolates may rule as a popular Valentine gift, those in the mood for a healthier treat can enjoy strawberries, cherries, raspberries, cranberries, watermelon, tomatoes and beets and reap the rewards. These vibrant foods have […]

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Neymar Jr’s Future Goals

Neymar Jr reveals future hopes and ambitions after turning 25. The Brazilian inspires millions of people around the globe with his Neymar Jr’s Five project, yet he still has aspirations of his own involving some of his heroes. Despite still being just 25, Neymar Jr has already netted an incredible 50 goals for his country […]