Mercedes-Benz Man.
The star fragrance.

His strong personality makes him unique. He’s relaxed yet incredibly concentrated and ready to grace the stage with his presence. He’s used to being in the spotlight, stealing the limelight, being questioned. He attracts attention and mesmerizes by his charisma. He’s appealing, and though aware of his charm, doesn’t play on it, it’s not necessary. Whether on-stage or backstage, he’s always in center stage. He’s active in both private and professional life. Notoriety is his horizon, success his travel companion, and achievement his adrenalin. A tingle. A respiration. An inner smile. And he becomes who he is. The actor of his life. Action! It’s time for Mercedes-Benz Man to step into the limelight.

The man at his best.

Mercedes-Benz Man: the iconic perfume of an emblematic name is here. A perfume designed as the symbol of a lifestyle and a certain idea of success. The authentic manifestation of the values of a mythical brand — this is the Mercedes-Benz legend in a bottle. Powerful personality, timeless elegance and a bold, understated attitude — his strong, self-assured character marks his presence. A perfume like a masterstroke dedicated to all who keep the Star, like a stimulating presence, in their sights.

The virtuosity of a fragrance .

Contemporary seduction, timeless sophistication. Master Perfumer Olivier Cresp introduces this new timeless, sophisticated Mercedes fragrance belonging to the aromatic, woody, fruity family. Its very intense, aromatic heart of cedar leaf and geranium embodies masculine elegance. Fruity, subtly modern pear notes are blended with ambrette seeds for a fresh, contemporary result. The deep, woody trail is liberated by sophisticated palisander rosewood complimented by oak moss. A luxurious composition for a clearly defined identity. An alluring, addictive perfume. Unique.

The evidence of design.

Strong silhouette, soft to the touch. Olivier Cresp is counted among the tight circle of Maîtres Parfumeurs. Already the name behind Mercedes-Benz Parfums’ previous successes, he has a unique talent for creating perfumes that combine tradition and innovation, with that little extra je ne sais quoi that makes all the difference and marks its time. This splendid, high-tech bottle is the perfect transcription of the brand’s fundamentals. The mastery of glass and metal clad in soft-touch matte black. A spare silhouette with superb, shapely shoulders and a promise in its heart. The pure chrome lines of the emblematic Star, set in a halo of massive glass, stand out against the deep blue ground. Accomplished design and meticulous perfection for an exacting yet understated bottle. Bold and innovative, luxurious and discreet, resolutely masculine, contemporary… and different. Heat-embossed with the silver Star, the box echoes the graphic codes of the bottle it protects.

The Mercedes-Benz Man range.

Eau de Toilette Natural Spray 100 ml – $80