Ninja welcomes 2019 with a Fortnite NYE live from Times Square

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Tyler “Ninja” Blevins rang in the New Year from Times Square Manhattan.

 Here is all you need to know:

– Ninja was situated in the third floor of the Paramount building, directly overlooking the million revelers below.

– He was joined by fellow Fortnite stars DrLupo, timthetatman, and CouRage JD in a squad play that saw an estimated peak of 285,000 concurrent live viewers tune in on Twitch at once.

– Joining Ninja remotely to game was soccer superstar Neymar Jr., who played from his beach vacation house outside of Barra Grande, Brazil. Viewers and Neymar alike were delighted when Ninja, Lupo and Tim carried the Paris Saint-Germain player to his first ever Fortnite victory.

– Set in a gaming themed party room decked out with a mechanical llama, putt putt course and of course a disco ball over the dance floor, party goers enjoyed the IRL Fortnite themed landscape alongside the hours of game play, which began at 4pm Eastern and lasted til the wee hours of New Year’s Day live on Twitch.

– In another game, Detroit Lions wide receiver Marvin Jones Jr and Toronto Maple Leafs right winger Mitch Marner played with Ninja – reflective of how popular Fortnite has become across all kinds of athletes.

– The action was not only in the game however, as Ninja went out into the rain-soaked heart of Times Square, where he joined host Allison Hagendorf on the Countdown stage to lead the crowd in the popular dance move, the Floss.

– With a 2018 that saw many milestones for Ninja – from breaking the individual stream record on Twitch twice, to appearing on Ellen and Jimmy Fallon, to having the most viewed channel on Twitch for the year, there is no telling what 2019 will have in store.Collapse Story