Qingdao National High-Tech

REPRESENTATIVES from the Qingdao National High-Tech Development Zone and Chinese biotech industry visited South Australia to sign an Establishment agreement furthering their commitment to SinoSA House.

SinoSA House is a permanent office, laboratory and manufacturing space in the Shandong province of China, allowing South Australian companies to establish subsidiaries and joint ventures in order to export high-tech products and services.

Minister for Science & Information Economy Gail Gago also announced a further $180,000 to support the SinoSA project.

The extra funding has allowed BioSA to recruit Brendan Mason to lead the initiative. Mason is a former senior executive at Cochlear Ltd for Greater China.

Minister Gago said that it is an opportune time to take advantage of the free trade agreement, as well as the newly established Chinese consulate general in Adelaide.

It is also expected that Chinese companies will look to establish subsidiaries and joint ventures as part of the BioSA business incubator in the future.


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