Farewell to Cellulite skin689

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Farewell to Cellulite skin689

Farewell to cellulite – one company, three numbers, one magic formula.

Zurich– The Swiss company skin689 is tackling a problem that many women would like to ignore – cellulite. The young enterprise has been focusing on correcting unwanted, visible skin changes and it has come up with the skin689® Creme Anti-Cellulite containing the new active complex CHacoll®. With regular application, the cream combats this widespread skin problem with visible results after just four weeks. After around eight weeks, the skin’s appearance is noticeably improved.

Numerous studies have shown that 80-90% of women worldwide are affected by cellulite. The Swiss answer to this problem is skin689® Creme Anti-Cellulite. It is the result of a new formula consisting of tried-and-tested active ingredients that offer improved effectiveness and application. The cream strengthens the skin’s texture and enhances its firmness and elasticity. After eight to twelve weeks, the skin shows a noticeable improvement and the surface area of the fat lobules and the thigh circumference are significantly reduced.

New active ingredient: CHacoll®
Renowned, international scientists from various universities have been working together to develop the new active complex CHacoll®. The active ingredient penetrates deep into the skin and stimulates its natural collagen synthesis. This increases the amount of collagen fibres, stabilises the fibre network and also reduces the proportion of fatty tissue. Independent clinical studies have demonstrated the effectiveness and tolerability of CHacoll® as an active complex. Thanks to research and development in collaboration with renowned centres of expertise, a product has been created that tackles and improves these problems with skin changes. It is produced in Switzerland and all of the active ingredients are carefully checked, selected and certified – boasting a guaranteed track record. “skin689® Creme Anti-Cellulite demonstrates a visibly better effect on combating cellulite than any other product assessed by Dermatest to date”, says Dr Werner Voss, founder and Managing Director of Dermatest GmbH.

As well as the active complex CHacoll®, the cream is also rich in vitamins C and E, jojoba oil, beeswax and shea butter. These ingredients give the cream a pleasant scent, are suitable for all skin types and are very kind to the skin. The cosmetics manufacturer also provides products for other areas of skin with its skin689® Firm Skin cream for the neck and décolleté, and the skin689® Firm Skin emulsion for the arms. These contain crocus bulb extract, which stimulates the skin’s own collagen and elastin production, and vitamins A and E, which regenerate and protect the skin. CoAXEL and argan tree extract tighten the skin and combat aging. Both creams are suitable for all skin types. The skin689® Bio Cellulose Face Mask is a breath of fresh air for your face – enriched with hyaluronic acid, the mask provides a rich moisturisation for the face, which is also hydrated by the amino acid complex, while adenosine revitalises and nourishes the skin cells. Within a few minutes, your skin will be visibly tighter and will be left with a glowing complexion.

The result
22% increase in skin elasticity after twelve weeks
44% reduction in the surface area of fat lobules after twelve weeks
3% reduction in thigh circumference after twelve weeks

The Swiss company
The name skin689 sums up the company’s philosophy in just three figures. The numbers 6, 8 and 9 are considered lucky in Chinese culture, inspired by the harmonising approach of Feng Shui. Harmony and the Asian philosophy of life are not just reflected in the name, but also in skin689’s products – which restore the skin’s balance. skin689’s formulas represent the company’s high level of effectiveness and sound knowledge of its area of expertise. In the words of CEO Balz Schürmann: “We see the skin as an expression of personality and individuality. We are convinced that fresh, beautiful skin has a key impact on well-being, satisfaction and self-confidence. Our name, skin689, and our products are an expression of our belief that ‘If my skin is doing well, so am I”.

skin689. My skin, my choice.

Products from skin689 can be found in over 300 beauty salons in Switzerland and are also available in the company’s online shop: www.skin689.ch.

Apricot kernel oil, argan tree extract, beeswax, CHacoll®, CoAXEL, hyaluronic acid, jojoba oil, crocus bulb, panthenol, shea butter, sweet almond oil, vitamin A, vitamins C and E

skin689® Creme Anti-Cellulite 100 ml CHF 79.00*
skin689® Firm Skin cream for décolleté and neck 50 ml CHF 49.00*
skin689® Firm Skin emulsion 40 ml CHF 43.00*
skin689® Bio Cellulose Face Mask 20 ml CHF 7.90* per mask