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Slipknot is not average heavy metal band. It’s a heavy metal band on steroids! From the moment the curtains open you are throw into a world of chaotic excitement from the 9 mask wearing band members. The music immediately gets the adrenaline pumping and the entire visual theatrics overloads your senses. Both ends of the stage had custom drum sets that not only elevated but also rotated 360 degrees. There’s no escaping the aggressive screaming, growling and anger that captivates and leads you to the dark side.

All 9 band members are in matching black jumpsuits that are barcoded and numbered on the upper left sleeve. That’s where the similarities end as each of the band member’s identities is hidden behind gruesome custom made masks that portray death, fear and evil. Having just returned from emergency back surgery, lead singer Corey Taylor still put in a high energy performance with a neck brace. There has never been a more appreciative singer than Corey as he continually thanked his “family of fans” between each song.

There was an endless sea of fist pumping, hand waving, head banging and screaming fans that were in masks, make up and mohawks. Security at the Concord Pavilion was kept very busy with escorting body surfers away from the front of the stage. Corey did point out one unruly fan during the show and had him removed. At the end of the show I was totally exhausted from just being there and witnessing one of the best metal-metal bands in the world.