The Closer

What is your preference for your third date perfume? I suspect all women have one. It’s the one I save for the special, soon-to-be-intimate occasions…when a relationship is new and I’ve not yet had time to dwell on his semi-obvious but potential-deal-breaker faults. Mine happens to be “Boudoir” by Vivian Westwood.

I discovered it in 1998…and frankly by accident…as I was surfing the offerings at one of those “overstock” places in the local Mall. [Ed. – Lord knows how they get the smell of such establishments out of the building when they change tenants.] And it has become the only perfume I can wear. It is both hyper-floral yet subdued with a permanence that lasts all day. It also requires you to wash the sheets ladies – so don’t say I didn’t warn you.

It is dedicated to a strong, feminine woman whose sensuality borders on the overtly sexual. It’s the green light scent. The fragrance bloom creates a private, intimate space which is both charming and seductive. Imagine making your personal scent map to guide your lover to your points of interest.

The designer, Martin Gras, intended to create a fragrance that would make all men turn their heads…after the woman wearing it walks by. The top notes are aldehydes, sweetly-fresh bergamot, hyacinth, and orange blossom. The heart is sweet and opulent with jasmine, luscious rose, narcissus, carnation, orris root, cardamom and coriander. The base brings patchouli, warm and milky sandal wood, tobacco leaves, cinnamon and powdery soft vanilla.

The bottle was designed by Fabrice Legros. The cap is fashioned as a globe encircled by a ring, which symbolize the power of femininity.

[Our take: Until they invent a scent called “23”…which can create immediate interest in an otherwise “mature” “cooch”, this is the one. It delivers. Remember where you left your panties.]