The Economic Taliban

You think that small-world, backward, ignorant, faith-based horseshit can’t take hold here? Wake up and direct your attention to a new organization that calls itself “Faith Driven Consumer”.

In their PR release they claim to be a “consumer advocacy organization representing 41 million Christian consumers who spend $2 trillion annually.” In this same release, they tout an ability to “rate the faith-compatibility of Hollywood films, measuring how they will resonate with faith-driven audiences, and predicting box office performance.”

At Variety’s recent #PurposeSummit, Chris Stone, founder of Faith Driven Consumer commented, “Hollywood has had some big hits, and some big misses, but the industry is working hard to get it right. That’s why we are excited to participate in this summit and engage entertainment professionals – helping them deliver the content that Faith Driven Consumers want.”

And when simple arm-twisting does not yield the desired result, “statistics” come to bear in the form of: “According to recent research from American Insights, 89% of Faith Driven Consumers (FDCs) feel they have different entertainment needs than the marketplace at large. Despite the increase in targeted content, 71% of FDCs feel that the entertainment industry currently doesn’t adequately acknowledge, welcome and provide for them as Christians.”

We pause from recounting current affairs to reflect on the past wisdom exhibited by European countries in expelling their religious zealots. Where did they end up? Here. God bless us. Are we amazed that the “darkness-which-is-religion” has not been attenuated in light of scientific and educational advancements made in the last few hundred years? Not really. Zealots never have been interested in change. Change threatens their power base.

From “the Moral Majority” to the block of people identified as “Christian Conservatives”, there have always been sociopaths who seek to leverage the weak-minded to advance their own agendas. The FDC and their Grand Poobah are just the latest incarnation.

Our nation has committed unfathomable resources (and a good number of citizen’s lives) to fighting overseas groups which are seen to be in opposition to our ideals of freedom. Let us not overlook those who seek to undermine our liberty at home through censorship, coercion and economic terrorism. We fight them overseas so we don’t have to fight them at home. Let us hope that we don’t open our front doors someday to a gun-toting, bible-waving, fanatic who will command us to believe what is “right” or face the consequences.