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Understand the relationship between music and physical activity

Athletes seeking an edge over the competition may want to add a new weapon to their arsenal – music. Combining contemporary research, evidence-based practice, and specific recommendations, the forthcoming Applying Music in Exercise and Sport (Human Kinetics, August 2016) explores the psychological and physiological effects of music while demonstrating how to apply scientific principles to […]

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Chasing the Why

The first rule of journalism for any story is to answer the five Ws—who, what, where, when and why. Today, we’ll cover the first four rather quickly. Who? Taj Rowland (although at the time, he was called Chellamuthu). What, where and when? He was a little boy, living in southern India in 1978, when he […]

“Pared Down Synchronicity”

Synchronicity: A significant coincidence of physical and psychological phenomena that are acausal connected Cultivate a lasting connection that co-exists within the art and soul-enriching forms of Jane Maxwell and Matt Devine. Rejoice in the stories revealed within each canvas of character and inner voice from the art of Jane Maxwell. Revel in the open spaces […]