This article is about the journey…and determination. When others recognize your gift early on and urge you to pursue it; when you become known for your athletic prowess and decide this can lead to something more; when you decide that your commitment to become the best is your purpose in life.

Then you may find yourself walking in the footsteps of Dashon Goldson.

Since his pick by the 49ers in the 2007 draft, Dashon has been on an upward path. Every game, every play is a learning experience – reading and recognizing the patterns so he can be in the correct position at the exact moment to make the defensive play. In two years’ time he became the free safety starter for the 49ers (2009-2010 season) and in 2012 was named to the Pro Bowl and All-Pro for the first time in his career. Dashon is recognized as one of the hardest hitting free safeties in the league. In 2013 he signed a five-year deal with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers – a contract that is recognized as being the most lucrative free agent signing to date.

Having achieved success on the field it was time to share that success with others. In 2009, Dashon founded the Highest Point Foundation ( to provide motivational outlets for youth through sports and clinics.

“Whether it’s assisting with preventative measures to ensure a child does not take the wrong path in life, or transitional measures to help someone who was previously incarcerated adjust to life as a responsible adult – Dashon vows to encourage individuals to reach “the highest point” in life through the lessons he has personally learned in the sport of football as well as through various programs and initiatives under his Foundation.”

In 2012, his third Annual Football Camp at the Home Depot Center in Carson, California attracted fans and invited young athletes to hone their skills in the best defensive football camp in the Nation. To date, the projects supported by the Highest Point Foundation have served over 10,000 at risk and low-income children.

Here’s to fathers everywhere and this father of one, Dashon Goldson.