From her beginnings in a teen singing group to her debut as an actress, the spotlight has followed her as her career has developed. Then she broke into modeling. Then came the launch of a unique product line. And did we mention she still sings and has an album coming out this year? Meet busy woman Fernanda Romero.
I&S: You began your celebrity as a member of the BMG teen group Fryzzby. Did you audition or were you recruited into the group by BMG? How did you react to being famous at such a young age?
FR: I was recruited by the group’s manager at the time. He discovered me through a commercial. I never really thought about the fame part – I was young and really excited to be doing what I loved. Performing at a stadium for the Pope, travelling and the rest – I was so young I think it never really sunk in. Overall I was very happy for the success of our band.
I&S: From singing you transitioned into TV hosting and acting. Among your contemporaries, is this seen as the next logical step in developing a long-lasting career…or were you the only one to make this jump?
FR: We are all artists but with different interests. One is a photographer, another a Fashion Designer, a DJ, a doctor and another one formed a very successful band named ” Rio Roma ” which now tours all over the world.
I&S: What type of training have you taken as far as acting? Has acting given you any new insights into who you are as a person?
FR: I am always taking acting classes, even between those times when I am working on a set. As an artist it is essential that I be on top of my craft. It’s like a professional athlete training every day.
As far as insight – yes, every role has brought me closer to who I am because I research/apply my own experiences. There have been situation that I would have never done as myself but being able to do them on set gives you a new perspective on life and experiences.
I&S: Your performance in The Eye with Jessica Alba led to several other films playing opposite other Hollywood A-listers. What type of performance(s) have these films sought from you? Any memorable experiences you’d like to share?
FR: Each one has been very special to me and I always appreciate my time working with great actors. I learn from their work and also from their humbleness. I think that is key in this industry. I’m very grateful to have had the chance to work with so many really talented people.
I&S: Unlike other actresses we have interviewed, your modeling career seems to have come out of your exposure as an actress. Or perhaps you have been modeling all along? What differences do you perceive when working with cameras in movies versus modeling?
FR: Actually I try to mix it together. It is very important to incorporate some acting into my photo shoots as this creates more realism.
I&S: From films you went back to Mexico to star in a telenovela (Eternamente Tuya) then in the Telemundo Studio series RPM Miami. How did this move enhance your career? Were you one of the featured players based on your Hollywood experience?
FR: I think is important to be open to different projects. Soap Operas to me are a cultural thing of my country, so it is important to embrace and experience it. People get very attached to the story/characters we play and it is great training because you have to do it every day for several months.
I&S: Along with two areas we will mention below, how is it possible to have your fingers in so many pies? Are you constantly in a whirl of activity? Where do you go to relax and unwind?
FR: I love being on set, so believe it or not when I’m working I feel very at ease, relaxed and happy. When I am off set I try to exercise, surround myself with great people and spend time with my dogs, etc.
I&S: Vita Parfum is a joint venture between you and Pamela Salcedo. Can you tell us a bit about the line and component fragrances Aer, Flamma, Aqua and Terra? What type of feedback have you been getting from your products users? Do you have a favorite among the four?
FR: I’m very passionate about Vita Parfum. It is a new concept in fragrances. It’s about smelling good but also about a holistic approach to finding your personal scent. So there is a mix between these two worlds…we strive to bring beauty and consciousness together. My favorite parfum is in between “Air” and “Santal” (my two favorites).
I&S: Tell us about your “Folktronica” band White Cherries. Can you describe what Folktronica means to you? How did you meet musician/producer Abie Toiber then decide to form a group? Where can we hear your songs?
FR: We meet through a mutual friend from the band Dead Lilies. I came to one of their recording sessions, meet Abie, we clicked and shortly thereafter started working together. The songs will be available on I-tunes (and other outlets) very soon. We are finishing production on the first album with producer Caleb Shreube who has worked with artists such as Jennifer Lopez, Yoko Ono, Phantogram, etc. We are thrilled to be in this collaboration.
I&S: What can we expect from your various ventures and performance avenues in 2014?
FR: We have songs on a new show called “Safe” by the producer of Baywatch – I’m looking forward to that. We are launching the Vita Parfum brand. The White Cherries’ first album will be released. I am also wrapping several film projects: “40’s Love” where I play a professional tennis player and a drama called “Honey Glue.” I am grateful to have started 2014 working and am looking forward to new ventures.
I&S:: It seems we caught up to Ms. Romero just prior to several big announcements. You can keep up to date on her progress through her website, We at Image and Style Magazine thank her for sharing her enthusiasm with us and wish her the best in her new ventures.