Editors Note December 2014

While staff is off to all corners celebrating the day-of-the-roasted-bird, we are left with the task of finding the thread which ties together this month’s divergent content. Much like the ongoing remodel of the Chateau By The Sea, one eventually discerns an order in the chaos..and then a pattern in the tapestry…so let’s have a go.

With the professional shopping season about to begin, our mind turned to the selections from Malu Lund – all in wintery white. Wearing it well is so much easier if you and the designer see eye to eye. That brought to mind the arrangement Lauren Holly has with Canadian retailer Le Chateau. Then we step through the door and onto the red carpet for this year’s Hollywood Film Awards.

Speaking of awards, the bright folks in Silicon Valley hold a get together to view the freshest products ready for market. It’s called the DEMO Conference and we covered it. From covering to recovering, it’s a short pass to our review of the 49ers/Redskins game in NFL Week 12. Also associated with San Francisco are the Giants – World Series Champions for 2014 – who were featured in a welcome home parade.

Long lines of people takes us to short lines of people tethered together and climbing mountains. Adventurer Alison Levine wrote a book about her experiences we thought you’d enjoy. The singular famous gives way to the plural at the Legends Invitational Golf Tournament held at Pebble Beach near Monterey, California. Former sports legends gathered to support the Navy Seals Museum.

Current sports legend Manny Pacquiao easily survived his most recent challenge..and we have the photos to prove it. Mercedes driver Lewis Hamilton proved he was the man by winning the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix. We turn to Tommy Hilfiger’s Autumn/Winter 2014 collection to keep the winners looking fabulous.

There are winners and those who lose. Authors Jane Schwartzberg and Marcy Tolkoff Levy discuss loss during the holidays. And finally, while on the subject of transitions, a photo montage devoted to the Winter Bride. Read more from Image and Style Magazine December Editors Note:

We at Image and Style Magazine wish you and yours the very best this holiday season.