Amy Weber: A Woman for All Media:

It is easy to see why she was/is sought after by advertisers – a classic beauty with prominent cheekbones and rich brunette tresses – and that would be career enough for some. But we encountered a multi-talented woman who is building her brand via several career paths and across a broad range of media types. Meet our cover model this month, Amy Weber.

I&S: You are a model, singer, actress, producer, author and celebrity. Are having fingers in every pie essential for success in the media business these days? Do you find that you enjoy one or two of these roles more than the others?

AW: I’m not sure if it is essential for success, but it makes me happy to be able to pursue the things that make me feel alive. I have enjoyed every facet of my career and right now I have to say that singing is my #1 love.

I&S: This is our fitness and health issue and you grace our cover. What is your regimen for maintaining your physique? Have the dietary lessons from your early years as a cross-country runner carried over into adulthood?

AW: Thank you for that honor. I think it is all about trying to find a balance between a decent diet and good workouts. I would rather hit it really hard 4 times a week than work out half way every day. I also know that by keeping some muscle mass that I will burn more calories just breathing than if I don’t include weight training in my regimen. I also ride my daughters pony to keep her mindful of listening so that also helps me stay fit and I love riding so it doesn’t seem like a work out. When I was running cross-country I could pretty much eat anything, but that won’t fly anymore. I just try to eliminate white from my diet as well as too much sugar. I won’t eat white bread normally or pasta and I always have protein with every meal.

I&S: You are the second young woman we’ve met in Los Angeles to start her own production company. What prompted you to take the reins? What advantages does it offer for a female in the business?
AW: I just love the business side of the Entertainment Industry. I was asked many years ago to help a feature film get made and it suited me, so I decided that I should have my own production company. It allows me to take control and do more projects that I love and want to fully get behind.

I&S: What projects are on the drawing board for you company? If you were to cite one kind of media product that is sorely under-represented in the marketplace, what would it be? What is your dream project?

AW: Right now I have a hidden camera show that I am working on and trying to find a home for. It is a “feel good” hidden camera show, so a little different than the pranking ones that are out there. It is called “Good Samaritans.” I’m not sure I can point to any under-represented media. I think there are so many outlets out there in today’s world. My dream project is a script that I have been holding onto for many years. It is a Christmas project and I’m just trying to figure out the best way to shoot it.

I&S: As part of giving back you are involved with which seeks to stop child slavery and prostitution throughout the world. What have you learned from working with them?

AW: I am very proud to be a part of this worthy organization. What I learned is that these things are happening in our own back yard. When you think of child slavery and prostitution, the United States doesn’t normally come to mind, but it is estimated that between 300,000 and 600,000 children are currently involved in prostitution in the United States with an additional 250,000 or more at risk of becoming victims. The average age is between 12-14 years old when these children are pulled into this seedy underworld and it just isn’t acceptable.

I&S: In your book, An Insider’s Guide to Making it in Show Business, you offer advice to newcomers on breaking into the business. Would you recap your top three tips for us? Is it important to find a mentor or befriend a more experienced person early on in your career?

AW: It was important for me to share the experience and knowledge that I had gained from being in the Entertainment Industry. I think some of the most important things are: (1) Treat it like a business, (2) Be prepared, and (3) Don’t ever meet someone that you don’t know or your agency doesn’t know in a private place or after hours. There are some amazing people in the industry but also some not so great people looking to take advantage of those that don’t know better.

I&S: Do you have any personalities you look up to?

AW: I like Courtney Cox a lot. She has always seemed to maintain her privacy even in difficult personal times. I also respect the fact that she was buying and flipping real estate like I have done in the past and present as an amazing investment.

I&S: What do your twins think of their Mommy-on-the-go?

AW: I’m not sure that they truly understand exactly everything that Mommy does, but they have seen me sing live at the Hard Rock Hollywood and they were so sweet! I came off stage to their praises. My daughter told me how “proud” she was of me which was pretty cool to hear from a 4 year old!

I&S: Which projects/accomplishments can we look forward to in 2014?
AW: I am excited to release more singles as well as putting together a tour. I have caught the “live performance” bug and I love being on stage and putting on a great live show. I would love to get a residency some day in Vegas or Atlantic City.

If you missed it, let us emphasize that while Amy was discovered for her beauty, it is her smarts which are moving her up the ladder. Being in charge of a production means knowing how the process works from start to finish – and being responsible for the content. We personally look forward to her Good Samaritans series as a fresh, welcome escape from the normal programming fare.

Whether it be on-screen or via her singing career, we at Image and Style Magazine thank her for talking with us and hope to see/hear more from her very soon.

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