Editors Note May 2013

Happy Mother’s Day! A very personal issue for me as I dedicate it to my own mother who is no longer with me … but was my inspiration and role model for the mother I try to be.

In this issue I am featuring five mothers who have the right stuff. They are strong, classy, articulate, hardworking and role models for the modern day mother – balancing marriage, careers and motherhood with style. We hope you enjoy getting to know each of them: Mia Perez, Leila Hauck, Karen Briggs, Karyn Bryant and Margarita Lopez.

The tradition of treating your mother to a special day may involve a trip to a special locale. See our article about the Filoli Estate Chef Frederick H. Nesbitt Ill comes through with selected recipes for a brunch. Not the same old Mother’s Day provides options for holiday related destinations in the San Francisco Bay Area. International performers Karen Briggs and Viviana Guzman grace our issue’s pages along with artist Paulina Sliwa – three unique viewpoints from three exceptional ladies.

 We focus on the Latino Community Foundation and their efforts to promote education and advancement among Latinos.  Fashion content begins with Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Tokyo featuring Kamishima Chinami followed by ECO Fashion, a presentation of Future Fashionistas and in From Here to Maternity, a glimpse of things to come and for a limited time only, the Omo Valley in Ethiopia. Construction of a dam will soon flood the villages of several tribal peoples. Take a last look before progress erases their ancestral homelands.