Editor’s Note

Life at The Chateau by the Sea will become a bit more sedate now that I have vacated the on-site corporate residence and moved into new, even-more-opulent digs on The Peninsula. The offspring shall never again arrive back from school and interrupt Wednesday’s Fashion Caucus or Friday’s What’s Hot idea sessions. Cocktails will be served now that proper examples of adult workplace behavior are no longer de rigueur. Fabulous!

The act of furnishing the new home – what with the gathering of items from near and far and coordinating same room by room – had its parallels in this month’s issue. The focus on our cerebral kaleidoscope was on the fritz…so we ended up using everything that came our way.

We started with the concept of health and fitness for the new year…then we met our cover model, Colin Wayne. Oh My! Form met function in all of our imaginations and that vaulted our minds to the world of Dance…and Acting…and of course the combination of the two in the personage of Valery Ortiz. A half step sideways had us looking at two contestants on the So You Think You Can Dance franchise. And let us never forget that athleticism is a form of exhibition of what the human body can do…and our exemplar for this is soccer star Neymar.

It is a New Year and, as ever, we embolden ourselves to tone, firm and train our bodies to achieve our desired forms towards the cause of promoting our general health…that is, until we must collapse on the couch from exhaustion. That’s where a good game of American football comes in…like the contest between the Cincinnati Bengals and Denver Broncos. And lest we forget our local franchise, a star on the horizon is ascendant.

Relieving sore, post-workout muscles had us dashing for the hot tub…and the foamy surface got us thinking about the ocean…and surfing…which took us to boardmaster Adriano de Souza’s recent win. Drying off afterwards but still in a floaty state brought sailing to mind…so we caught up with the Rolex Sydney Hobart Yacht Race and the winner of the Extreme Sailing Series

Now dried off but freezing, we reflected on our last visit to Vail…and skiing…and then the remarkable Ms. Lindsey Vonn with her triple wins up at Lake Louise, Canada. Speaking of downhill…and those zany Europeans…they have strapped on their skates and created a downhill sport which is fast-fast-fast. Just ask Luca Dallago…who won the Wagrain-Kleinarl Riders Cup Race.

Our dizzy heads came to in the land of entertainment – specifically the Mrs. Universe 2015 pageant…where the winner was properly announced. And from that spot behind the mic, a bit about one of the giants in the music industry, Italian, Giorgio Moroder.

Closing out with our dreams of future perfect, our eyes feasted on the designs of ASOS,
Slava Zaitsev and those worn during the Art Hearts Fashion Show in Miami.

A new year and a world of new challenges to keep us going on our magazine journey. We hope you find something of interest in these pages. As always, your suggestions are welcome.