December Editor’s Note 2013

During the month of December the Holiday Season may fill one’s mind with thought of gifts and giving or of visits with friends and relatives. It’s a time for celebrating another year of our accomplishments and for looking forward too. Where have we/will we invest our time? To whom shall we give? What are our priorities?

Right up front we present two West Point cadets who embody the desire to give…in the form of service to our Country. Their interview begins on page { }.

Having given through their works and performances it is now time for recognition. We recap the Latin Grammy’s, American Music Awards, a Hollywood Star, The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences’ Governors Awards…and a special farewell to a late night friend/legend.

Giving others more than they give you also follows a seasonal theme. Our sports section wraps up a championship boxing match and an NFL game.

Being the gift is a laudation rarely deserved, but we found someone with the drive and energy to meet the challenge in actress/dancer/model Rachelle Brooks-Smith.

The gift of tradition was on display this month when the Christmas tree was lit in Rockefeller Center.

And lest we forget our personal presentation when one is in line to be gifted, we have created a compendium of our favorite looks and fashions in dresses, jewellery, lingerie and shoes. Call it a gift to yourself.

From all the staff of Image & Style Magazine, Happy Holidays!