Manny Pacquiao vs. Timothy Bradley

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Manny Pacquiao vs. Timothy Bradley – The Third of Three
The retirement party awaits…but there is just one last stop…in the ring where Bradley awaits. Into the mind of Manny Pacquiao…
We enter Round One. Has Bradley learned anything from our last bout? I shall test him…maybe take a blow to see if I can encourage overconfidence.
Round Two lets me know he hasn’t lost any skills. I take the uppercut and hook, but it’s time to land a left. I’ve made my point.
Round Three – time to open up a bit. I can hear the crowd. This is what they came for. Bradley throws good punches but misses me…for the most part…except for his right. Missed blocking that. Jab, Jab…I wonder how I will wear him down.
Round Four begins with throwing combinations to his head. I want to soften him. My left landed. Let’s pour it on. Bell.
In Round Five, Bradley comes out of his corner looking for payback. I rest against the ropes and let him expend energy. I feel the blows soften. Time to surge. I pour it on. If I can just get the right punch in, this will be over before the bell. But Bradley will not be taken. I hear his corner calling him.
Round Six. I have made my point. He knows I can open up at any time. He knows I still possess the power to dominate. We are almost equal in the early minutes, but like last round, I offer a reminder. I can feel Bradley become more cautious.
I see Bradley tiring in Round Seven. So much so I move to take him. Not my best punch but it caught him off-guard and he goes down. It will be a lop-sided match from here on out.
Now who is the over-confident one? Where did Bradley find that right? I have to get my head back in the moment. I will play the defensive game for the remainder of Round Eight.
Bradley needs to end this fight or lose it. His uppercut confirms this. I too need to end this…and my left deals the damage. Bradley is fully down…but somehow outlasts my offense to hear the bell. I know the fight is over. He knows the fight is over. This is Round Nine…and we have three left.
In Round Ten all I have to do is keep his wild punches away.
Round Eleven shows me Bradley is spent. We are back to sparring. All I need to do is avoid whatever power shot he is holding in reserve.
In one last glimmer in Round Twelve, Bradley counters with his right. I am reminded why this is a game for young men. No matter. I’m running on fumes and so is he. We wrap up towards the end. I am going out a winner.