Meet Andre Mieux, aka AMX:

There is natural talent. Then there is the talent that is developed through years of training and experience. From music production to scoring a feature film to his career as a classical pianist, he has built a solid background in the music industry. Now with the July 23, 2013 release of his debut album, “All I Really Want”, he embarks on what we hope is a long and fruitful career in front of the microphone.

I&S: Who were the personal influencers that shaped your tastes and allowed you to become the artist you are today?

AM: Growing up I listened to a lot of Michael Jackson, Marvin Gay and the Temptations – I was inspired by the Motown sound and their production and writing styles. Some more of my personal influences were from the 90’s, I listened to Jodeci, R. Kelly, Joe, as well as Guy and Ginuwine. It helped shaped who I am as an artist today by their unique vocal styles and their big bass production.

I&S: Who did you listen to growing up?

AM: I listened to Michael Jackson, Marvin Gay, Temptations, Jodeci, R. Kelly, Joe, as well as Guy and Ginuwine

I&S: The term you use for your music is “urban electro”. How do you as both an artist and producer decide how much you will alter the vocals with electronics?

AM: I am an R&B artist from the soul and at heart. I think that what inspires me most is being able to write things that will help inspire, and concepts that are relatable for the audience. It is important for my fans and supporters to know that the music and the message I convey comes from a real place.

I&S: In “Bedroom Lovers” we hear a sample of your high tenor in the main and backup tracks. Did you always have this gift or have you been training your range?

AM: I definitely had to train and practice for my falsetto – it’s a night and day difference between the way I sounded growing up through high school. The more you write and try and explore new, innovative ways of singing and delivering your music, the more it becomes natural.

I&S: Your voice and range reminds us of Ronald Isley. Would you consider a straight vocal album (without electronics)? Do you feel there is still a market for that style of music?

AM: I would consider that. I incorporate a lot of real instrumentation off of my new album “All I Really Want”. I think that there will always be a market for real instrumentation, because this is where the foundation of music rests.

I&S: Where do you see the music industry headed in the next ten years?

AM: The more the music changes, the more technological it becomes. Over the years, the music and music industry have transformed into a playground for the technically inclined. As for the next ten years, we will see some major advances in music distribution, labels, as well as the overall sound of music production and sound.

I&S: We have all read the online biography. Can you reveal something about yourself that is not already known?

AM: I’m a big movie buff on my time off, so I try and stock up on my movie game. Some of my favorite movies are Friday, The Godfather, and Money Talks. I also love playing basketball during my off time. I’ve been playing since I was a child.

I&S: Would you remind us of any upcoming performances and/or release dates?

AM: I will be at the Jenny McCarthy event, Kandyland, August 17th, 2013. I will perform on August 24th in Portland, Oregon and on the 25th in Seattle, Washington. I will close out the month with the 11th annual Sunshine Beyond Summer Celebration event on August 31, 2013. See their website, for additional information and location(s).

His obvious talent is what drew our attention. One wonders how an early life Lionel Richie or Sammy Davis Jr. might have looked in the modern music scene. What kind of music would they have chosen? This is a snapshot of that caliber of artist in the early days. We at Image and Style Magazine look forward to his continued successes and the evolution in his personal take on the R&B genre.