Hair For Today & A Brighter Tomorrow: Chiara Scudieri

At first it was one woman’s search for a product that would tame her curly (and at some times unruly) hair. When nothing on the market worked, it became a quest to create a new product line and after many years resulted in I.C.O.N.’s Cure leave-in hair treatment. After a breast cancer diagnosis it became a vehicle for donations to cancer research foundations. Meet salon owner, product line developer and famous hairstylist Chiara Scudieri.

I&S: What were the influences that prompted you to become a hairstylist?

CS: The design element of hair, the love of beauty and watching different stylist doing hair art as a little girl.

I&S: You have delved into the chemistry behind hair care products in your work with Sebastian and now with your own I.C.O.N. product line. Have you achieved the results you desired?

CS: Yes, but our work is never done and we are constantly evolving with new trends and needs within the marketplace.

I&S: Can you describe the process in brief?

CS: Understanding on how each ingredient really makes a difference in how the product responds to the hair and how the product can change the structure of the hair.

I&S: Care, Style, Color and India are the four divisions in your product line. Can you describe the benefits of each of them?

CS: Care is going to treat the hair and give back in nourishment and hydration; responding to all of the elements that we put our hair through. Style allows you to create art and different fashion; what we call liquid tools. India is the ayurvedic , well-being and holistic approach to hair that give back health and shine. Echotech Color is the fusion between the natural and artistic pallets that allow you to become the Picasso of hair.

I&S: You were recently diagnosed and are undergoing treatment for breast cancer and we see that your product CURE sends proceeds from sales to STOP Cancer for funding grant research. Why this product?

CS: Cure was the first product created and is still our number one seller today. It seemed only natural to make “Cure” (which actually cure’s the hair) our hero product. In 2007 after finding out that my sister was diagnosed with breast cancer, ICON committed to fighting this great fight by teaming up with STOP Cancer to fund research grants. Our fight continues today and we are happy to say that ICON has donated over 100K and we will continue until cancer stops.

I&S: What was your reaction to your initial diagnosis?

CS: Are you kidding me? Once again it has affected our family.

I&S: What went through your mind at that moment?

CS: We need to put a stop to this.

I&S: How are you progressing in your personal journey to become cancer free?

CS: I just finished my third round of chemotherapy and continue to heal myself from within with great support from family, friends, co-workers, community and clients with a positive attitude and continued desire to help find a cure.

I&S: What would you tell women about the need for early detection?

CS: Since I found the tumor myself, self-examinations are paramount as well as being in tune with your body.

I&S: Is cost a barrier to detection?

CS: Unfortunately it is…and hopefully one day that will change.

I&S: Are there any special promotions or upcoming events you’d like to promote?

CS: Our Cure Campaign, where $1.00 is donated to STOPCANCER for every box sold. Battle of the Boobies which is a new charity formed by Battle of the Strands, a fantastic hair competition in which I.C.O.N. is honored to take part. All monies received from Battle of the Boobies will go to I.C.O.N.’s CURE FOR A CAUSE in conjunction with STOPCANCER. Although we just finished our annual 5K, we are happy to still receive donations to fund grants for cancer research which can be sent to the address below.

20010 Ventura Blvd
Woodland Hills, CA 91364

For the 3rd year in a row now, I.C.O.N.’s worldwide CURE FOR A CAUSE campaign has raised 100k in research grants deposited to directly. I.C.O.N. has chosen STOPCANCER to attach as CURE’s beneficiary, due to their relationship with major cancer research centers such as UCLA. UCLA matches $1 as an in-kind donation to every dollar I.C.O.N. raises. This additional $1 helps with utilities, researcher salaries, required materials, building expenses, etc. – everything needed for research to find a cure.
I.C.O.N.’s CURE FOR A CAUSE Fund at STOP CANCER is currently supporting the research of Richard J. Pietras, M.D., Ph.D., Professor of Medicine at the UCLA David Geffen School of Medicine and the Director of the Stiles Program in Integrative Oncology at UCLA’s Jonsson Comprehensive Cancer Center. His research focuses largely on the biology and treatment of women’s cancers, with an aim toward translation of basic research findings “from the bench to the bedside.”
For more information on I.C.O.N.’s worldwide CURE FOR A CAUSE campaign, giveaway items, or I.C.O.N. Products ( in general, please contact publicist Stacey Barker via e: or c: 323.833.8358.
To purchase CURE direct, please contact Michelle Lepire at 800.951.ICON. CURE can be bought at salons and beauty supply stores nationwide as well. Additionally, at, customers can plug in their zip code to find a location nearby to purchase CURE.

CURE replenishing spray – A true cure for dry, overly stresses and unruly hair with cumulative benefits for hair as well as humanity. Condition, restore and soothe tired, dry, “sick” hair. Each purchase guarantees a donation to cancer research organizations like STOPCANCER.

We at Image & Style Magazine thank Chiara Scudieri for sharing her story with us and wish her the best in her personal fight.