Haute Couture Valentino

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Paris Fashion Week Paris Haute Couture Valentino Spring Summer 2018.

Tradition is a vector: it transfers both knowledge and values through time. The history of Haute Couture is its reason of being within the present.

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Fashion Week Paris – Haute Couture S-S 18: Valentino
Photo Credit: Valentino

It is the process that condenses these movements. A process of creation that feeds on archetypal images and indelible suggestions. A manual process that transforms ideas into objects through learned and constantly updated gestures.

The work done by hand as a horizon and value, celebrated at the time of elaboration, seized in its moment of grace, only a few moments before the work is finished. The poetry of what is almost finished, a poetry that makes the lyricism of the fingers vibrate at work, whose warmth is still visible.

Penetrating lightness that dematerializes and elevates. Impalpability of floral motifs completed before the last print frame. Stretching volumes, fluttering ruffled feathers that vibrate on hats created by Philip Treacy.

A classic Haute Couture, read in the present, made of knots, glamor, Gowns of Emotions while thinking of Lady Duff-Gordon; full colors of Andrea Pontormo, imposing materials like taffeta and moiré, lace and intarsia. Today’s Haute Couture, which contemplates the day, chinos and trenches, composed of pieces assembled for immediate and solemn attire. A personal and heartfelt Haute Couture, presented in an intimate way, as we used to do.

The work of the Workshop as the Art of Time, as an uninterrupted dialogue between those who imagine and those who perform.
By:  Valentino