Image and Style From The Editor

We have no idea what is up with the weather, but here, in the locale proximate to the Chateau by the Sea, Summer is knocking on our door like it’s serving a warrant at 2AM. The fact that we are now in our fourth year of drought only adds to the unwelcome nature. We endeavor to persevere.

If thoughts of impending warmer temperatures prompted us to look into fashions with a bit less coverage, then where better to end up than with our go-to designer, River Island, and their Spring/Summer 2015 collection. Our headspace refuses to capitulate to social norms regarding age-appropriate clothing…so we love – and do wear – almost anything they produce.

From internal struggles we transition to a ShoBox fight between Welterweight boxers Frank Galarza and Sheldon Moore which occurred just outside of the shadow cast by the upcoming Fight of the Century between Floyd Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao. Even though this issue is well along into production, we are saving a space for a recap of that event. Our prediction? Pacquiao.

Speaking of masters of a sport, we stopped by the Masters Golf Tournament in Augusta, Georgia to witness the explosive performance of Jordan Spieth, this year’s champion. Records were tied and broken. Not to break a promise we give equal time to the ladies of the fairway in our look at the Swinging Skirts Classic Tournament held recently in San Francisco.

The City by the Bay has been the launch point for several famous bands, but in this issue in our Man behind the Music section, we talk with a man who walked into a job as a radio announcer and eventually became a radio and TV station owner.

From the speed of communications via the airwaves to the speed of race cars, we delve into IndyCar racing at the NOLA Grand Prix – most exciting. Then in an extended coverage of an IndyCar race, we went behind the scenes at the Long Beach Grand Prix to gain a deeper understanding of what it takes to be part of this sport.

Sport is again the subject as we were recently introduced to the new color scheme of the San Francisco 49ers for their home games – Black is the new red. Some quipped that this would make receivers easier to locate against the chalk white background of the LEVIathan. We shall see.

As for other visual interest, we thumbed through a book titled “Cockney Lad and Jim Crow” by John Sharer and recommend it for your reading list. From tiny reading nook to something which occurs worldwide we again direct your attention to the Wing for Life World Run which tests distance runners from around the world against the same timeclock.

The staff and I are all in Las Vegas – poolside – so we can be close to the Fight of the Century action and commentary. As soon as we hear anything, we will pass it along. Enjoy!