Working actor, leading man, accomplished mixed martial artist, screenwriter and budding producer Paul Logan is a very busy man. He sat down with us between filming days to speak about his life in Hollywood and about being a gentleman in today’s dating scene.

I&S: What do you look for in a partner?

PL: I look for someone who is compatible with me and my life style. I don’t work 9-5 so sometimes I have a lot of free time but when I am shooting, I have next to none. I look for an intelligent, funny, caring, witty, honest, down to earth person. I don’t drink, smoke or do any drugs and I really don’t enjoy the club scene so I like people who don’t live in the clubs. I’d much rather have dinner and a movie.

I&S: What do you bring to the table (be honest)?

PL: I am just me. I am a giving person and try to give the person I am with as much as I can. I try to stay in shape and take care of myself. I am loyal, honest and funny….or at least funny looking (grinning). I try to live every day as if it were my last. Life is too short for “I could have’s” or “I wish I had done’s”. I try to have no regrets in my decisions.

I&S: If you want to impress your date, describe the date.

PL: I like to have a nice dinner to start. After that the night is wide open. A show, concert or a drive up the coast might follow. I try to do my “homework”; I listen to her likes and, more importantly, her dislikes, and try to always stay within those parameters. I may want a steak but I wouldn’t take a vegetarian to a steak house. That would be selfish.

Honestly, I believe that the activities of the date are secondary to the way you treat someone on the date. I was brought up to treat a woman like a lady. I open doors, pull out chairs, open car doors getting in and out. I get up when someone leaves the table, put napkins on their lap etc. So many women tell me that that is a lost art. I ask questions about them and listen to the answers instead of going on and on about myself. I try to be impulsive and read the night. I once finished a date pushing her around in a shopping cart in an empty parking lot – ee laughed for hours . And flowers are always a given.

I&S: Do you have a type?

PL: I don’t really have a type. That being said, most of the women that I date are smart, funny and nice. I like someone who is fit and takes care of themselves. All of the women that I have dated have one common feature…eyes. I am a sucker for eyes, good ones melt me. They are my favorite body part on a women. Most men’s favorite parts are somewhere under a bikini. But above all they must like dogs, especially my dog Batz.

I&S: On the lighter side, tell us about your worst date ever.

PL: There was one…getting conversation out of her was like getting a steak away from a hungry pit bull. I asked questions and would get one word answers. She drank way too much and then got loud and uncoordinated. I took her straight home and obviously there was no second date.

I&S: Online dating: Any opinions?

PL: In this technological age where everything online is a few keystrokes away, I think there is a place for online dating simply due to the millions of people you can meet versus at a bar or club, etc. That being said, nothing compares to catching someone’s eye, smiling at each other and going up to say hello. To me there is a more real, visceral, organic connection that way. I personally don’t do any of the online sites.

I&S: Absolute turnoffs.

PL: Not a big fan of smoking, absolutely no drugs and I don’t like people who are rude to others.

I&S: With all of the beauty and glamour that surrounds your profession, is it difficult to find a date who wants to get to know the real you?

PL: It is difficult sometimes, but there are usually warning signs that come out very quickly and they usually don’t last long.

I&S: You are also a screenplay writer. And the old expression goes, “Write what you know.” Have any of your relationships been a basis for one of your works?

PL: I write mostly action films. Since I will be playing the lead, I try to put as much as my character, humor, speech into all of those roles while still keeping true to the world of the story.

Our first thought: Shoot the publicist. This man could be the lead in any one of the top box office films and give a better performance. We need more stars and more men like him. Image and Style Magazine looks forward to his future successes.

Film Biography:

Code Red is an action/horror film where I play John, a special forces operative sent in to investigate an incident and ends up trying to save a little girl from a zombie apocalypse.
It was great. I got to do all of my own stunts and fights. I train MMA and we scripted and choreographed a lot of the fights to utilize those skills.

In SKOOKUM: The Hunt For Bigfoot, I play Gator, a grizzled ex Delta force operative hired to lead a group of people into the swamps and deep woods to find a girl kidnapped by Bigfoot.

He plays the lead in Marriage Counseling, a dark comedy/drama about a couple’s last chance to save their marriage.

He is also in pre-production on a new film, The Hoard, which he wrote and is producing. It is going to be a combination between The Hills Have Eyes and Rambo.

His website is
Twitter : Logan_Batman
IMDb :