The parallels are obvious but you are going to need our help to make the connections. We want you to Google “Martha Stewart” – yes, the Martha Stewart. But why you ask? Because you’ll find (after some brief reading) that she began her career as a fashion model. We didn’t know that, did you? Now think back a bit further, to a PBS series called Hometime (years 1987-1992). One of the hosts was a chipper do-it-yourselfer named Joanne Liebler (who went on to host her own shows and found a production company). Two accomplished women.

Now in a feat of mental prestidigitation we will wave our wand and the two will become one. Are you ready? Meet fashion model, clothing designer, radio host and force behind the How 2 Girl brand, Courtney Bingham.

I&S: With a wedding just two months away we hope we aren’t asking too much to answer some questions. How are your preparations going?

CB: I’m having the time of my life planning my dream wedding to my dream man! I have rolled up my sleeves planning every aspect of the wedding with Nikki from the save-the-dates to the honeymoon. It has been a really exciting time and challenge mixing our tastes and styles together. Nikki has a more Chrome Hearts/Gothics style where my taste is more French Country/Parisian. It’s been a lot of fun blending the two styles together making this wedding unique and unforgettable!

I&S: One of the radio shows you created for Clear Channel is called The How 2 Girl. Do you see this as an extension to your do-it-yourself website or the next step towards a TV/Cable production of your concept?

CB: It is important for me to build the How 2 Girl brand into a multi faceted platform. Starting with radio then a How 2 Girl App that’s on the way followed by a How 2 Girl TV show I’m creating in the vein of a Martha Stewart Living (but with a new spin on it). I created How2Girl Radio exclusively for Clear Channel’s iHeartRadio platform because I wanted to provide quick DIY tips from hair and makeup tutorials to home décor and entertaining ideas for the girl on the go. With the iHeartRadio App and via the website, all of my How2Girl tips are available on demand.

I&S: What sparked your interest in the do-it-yourself concept? What types of projects do you typically undertake?

CB: Since I can remember I have always been super crafty and creative. I am the happiest when I am creating. When I moved out on my own at 18 I didn’t have a lot of money but I did have expensive taste. I taught myself how to recreate looks that I loved without spending a lot, starting with sewing my own curtains and pillows to copying red carpet fashion looks at thrift stores. I always found ways to get the looks I wanted on a budget I could afford. Now 10 years later nothing has changed. I made all of the curtains in our home, painted all of the walls and recently built and distressed an outdoor dining room table for our terrace. I love rolling up my sleeves and customizing projects to my tastes and my budget and I’m having so much fun sharing those projects with my followers!

I&S: One of your early DIY projects turned into a company called Cover Ups by Courtney. How has the response been to your idea? Are there new items being designed we should look for in 2014?

CB: I started Cover Ups by Courtney in July 2012. The response was great because there were a lot of different styles that worked with every body shape and the fabric is the best quality. I only use silks whereas most of my competitors use polyester. I was able to keep the cost low so every woman could afford them. My line really features something for everyone and it feels great giving women some extra confidence when at the beach or pool. Not only does the line have different styles of wraps, sarong’s and kaftans, it also has cover ups you can swim in! I am working on the new Spring/Summer line now which will feature lots of Aztec and Egyptian looking prints as well as brighter colors like fuchsia and turquoise.

I&S: It seems like the next step for you would be either movies or television. What are your plans going forward?

CB: I am on a mission to branch out my DIY brand and am working with a fabulous production company creating my own DIY How 2 Girl TV show. I’m so excited to share all of my tips and secrets with women everywhere, build my audience and bring more awareness to my brand.

I&S:: We took a tour through the How2Girl website and were very impressed with the content and organization. In keeping with the traditions of home shows past, several articles show Courtney in various stages of project completion along with her helpful advice in the surrounding text. This site is a must see and deserves a place in your Favorites list.

We are especially pleased to give credit to Ms. Bingham’s photographer for this article’s pictures. He also happens to be her fiancée – Mötley Crüe co-founder and bassist Nikki Sixx. We at Image and Style Magazine wish them both the best in their future together.