Editor’s Note June 2014

Summer’s shining face has become a regular visitor these past few weeks – most unusual for a Coast known for billowing fog banks and wet, winter-like temperatures in the City by the Bay – but we are not complaining. Portable digital devices in hand we sunned while we surfed for fashion finds for this issue. The subject of fashion led us right into beauty…and that prompted an interview with noted actress and beauty Alicia Minshew.

Our appreciation of the subject carried over to coverage of a race for classic European sports cars – The Mille Miglia – which took place in Italy. From technology past to technology present we moved to coverage of the Silicon Valley AgTech Conference which was organized by the Roger Royce Law Firm. Agricultural tech innovators and investors came together to discuss how the digital world could benefit farmers and enhance yields in the coming decades.

In our community section we focus on the Silicon Valley Latino Leadership Summit then follow up with interviews with a couple of the guest speakers: Jose Antonio Tijerino, president of the Latino Heritage Foundation, and bespoke clothier, Art Lewin. The mix of cultures brought to mind the juxtaposition of languages…and the benefits one might derive from knowing more than one tongue.

A new study examines the benefits. From expression in words we slip sideways into expression via style…and the Academy of Art University’s Graduation Fashion Show. Fresh designs from freshly-minted designers. Then, in our sports coverage, a piece which was qualified if only for the beauty of the photographs taken – the Red Bull X-Games. Color and action together…which could lead us to none other than the artist Leroy Neiman and a recent sale of his works. We were a Gump-ian feather this month, blown to many points of interest and landing on many shoulders. We hope you enjoy the result.