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IoT technology traffic congestion

A pilot study using ‘world-first’ Internet of Things technology to help reduce traffic congestion and create the foundations for the deployment of autonomous vehicles is underway in South Australia. Global technology leader Cisco is investing $1 million in partnership with the South Australian Government and the City of Adelaide to measure the dwell time and […]

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SMR Device For Bladder Cancer Testing

A LEADING car sensor manufacturer is developing a device to radically simplify The non-invasive device uses biosensors to test urine and avoids uncomfortable follow up tests where tubes are inserted into the urethra to access the bladder. In an industry-university collaboration led by SMR Technologies in Adelaide, researchers from the University of South Australia and […]

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Santos Tour Down Under Stages

Routes for the 2017 Santos Tour Down Under have been announced in Adelaide, South Australia. Six main stages continue to use the city of Adelaide as the base and main backdrop of the UCI event, which may help push spectator numbers past the 795,000 people who lined the streets in 2016. The week-long race, which […]

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Flinders Filtration System

A few seemingly non-descript ponds in the bush 250 kilometres north-east of Adelaide in South Australia are the catalyst for some innovative thinking on wastewater management. Water authorities from the neighbouring state of Victoria are already using the system to generate on-site energy from Melbourne’s wastewater, and the Flinders University researchers who developed it are […]

Supporting Global Food Security

AQUACULTURE industry leaders attended the World Aquaculture conference in Adelaide to discuss the need for sustainability and their readiness to fulfill an important role in supporting global food security. The clear mission followed a dire warning from keynote speaker, José Villalón, Corporate Sustainability Director at Nutreco in The Netherlands, on the conference’s themes of ‘Create, […]